Blog 1:

Why I chose a new career as a nurse.

In my previous career I was an ECE. I worked at the local YMCA teaching pre-school aged children physical literacy. I taught Gymnastics, sports, music and movement, along with creative and sensory arts. I loved my job, it was the perfect “mum” job. I only worked term time, I had summers and holidays off with my own children. I was at home for before and after school.

As my own children grew, I had more time on my hands, the more I yearned to do something more challenging to fill the extra time. I tried online classes, I tried creative classes, I also tried teaching classes to teenagers as well as toddlers at work, I tried creating new classes for work and became passionate about sensory play for toddlers, once the programming was implemented, I was back to square one.

December 2015, the YMCA cut my programming and my hours. I was upset, I loved my programs. Now I had even more time on my hands! After talking with some friends, someone suggested going back to school, do something you’re passionate about. I thought about it, a lot. I thought about what careers I would like to do, I thought about a total career change or a partial pathway change of my current career. After a while the idea grew on me. I tried an online courses but found I couldn’t fit the classes and school work in with my job and my children’s schedules. I was discouraged.

Fast forward another six months, I took a deep breath, left my job and become a full time nursing student. My children have reduced their after school activities to fit in my new schedule and we are adapting to the changes surprisingly well. The fear has subsided and we are doing great.


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