Blog 2:


I quit my job and became a full time nursing student. Several people were thrilled about my career change, my friends think I’m crazy but are very supportive, my old co-workers were supportive too. My mother thinks I’m certifiably insane, “why would you become a student at your age?” I had one person tell me that I was “too old” to go through school and then start a career.

I’m doing it! How hard could it be? Other people do it. I was so unprepared and naive. A month into the first semester and I’m having a breakdown. I met a good friend for coffee. “How’s school going?” she asked and I burst into tears. “What was I thinking? I can’t do this. I wonder if they’ll give me my old job back?”

I was struggling, struggling a lot. I was juggling school, the commute to school, and the kid’s schedules all by myself. I felt like I was drowning in school work, which I didn’t understand, the commute was killing me, the kids were home alone more than I liked and missing activities, we were eating take out, frozen pizza and cereal for dinner.

After a good talking to by my friend, I pulled myself together and spent the entire weekend organizing, creating calendars, schedules, and meal plans. This was a turning point for me, things felt as if they were somewhat under control again.

I learnt about batch cooking and meal prep so we can have homemade meals, even when I’m not at home to cook them. I re-organised the kid’s schedules so I’m not running from one activity to the next. I created a calendar so I know what assignments are due and when. I can’t do much about the commute, I chose Fleming for a reason, so I’ll learn to like it and enjoy the quiet time in the car before I get home.

Things are going well, I’m enjoying school. I passed my first semester and I’m using my planning from semester one to help me get through semester two. The kid’s are doing well and not eating cereal for dinner anymore, even my mother is warming to the idea!


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