Blog 3:

Blog 3:


Our first clinical placement. I’m so nervous about this, but excited to get it done. I’m not really sure what to expect. Growing up in England, my friend Elli lived in an ‘old people’s home’ as we called it. Her parents ran the home with nurses and care staff, and they lived upstairs in the flat.

I really disliked going there, we went in through the kitchen, someone was always in there, cooking meals for the residents or care staff having a break. Once through the kitchen we had to walk through the corridor to get to the flat. The residents were everywhere, some shouting for the nurse, some wandering around, and some just sitting there. It scared me; I could not walk through there fast enough.

Those thoughts are with me as I entered the long term care facility for the first time, I am not late but right on time, still I feel rushed. I’m trying to get in but the door won’t open, everyone is waiting for me on the other side. Not off to a great start. You need a code to get in, I had no idea.

First day and we are just shadowing, my psw is nice and shows me around. She’s chatty and it takes the nervous edge off. She explains what happens in the morning and how everyone makes it to the dining room for breakfast. I’m trying to help out where I can but I feel like I’m just in the way. Rough first day, hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Day two and we are able to help where we can using the skills we have learnt in class so far. We are able to help feed the residents and do some basic care for them. It feels a bit strange at first; hopefully it will get better with time. Today was much better and I’m looking forward to next week.

The placement has flown by and we are leaving. My confidence has grown, I’m answering call bells by myself and I have learnt so much.



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