Blog 4

Blog 4:

Moving along in semester two is easier than I thought (so far). After the disaster that was semester 1, I thought I was in store for more of the same. Things seems to be better at the moment, and with only four weeks left I can’t see how wrong things could go.

I was worried about the children being off for the summer. It’s working out so far, the little one has gone to an extended visit to Grandma and Granddad’s farm in the UK. He’s having a blast, he has two sets of grandparents to keep busy and an endless supply of cousins to play with. He has signed up for soccer, athletics and tennis to keep him active, and the weather over there is fantastic (unusual for a British summer!).

The big one is working her first full time summer job as a Camp counselor. The first week was a rough one for her, but she handled it well and is doing amazing. She is tired and grumpy but I’m hoping that she will get used to working long hours soon. I’m still driving her around but she is cycling to work a couple days a week and it doesn’t seem as hectic as before.

I was regretting going through the summer at the start of the semester, my friends are hanging out at the beach with their kids or having pool parties and I’m stuck as school, but it’s only one summer and I will be thankful when I’m finished earlier than expected. We have lots planned in August and I will make the most of my time off. There will be lots of beach days and pool parties. We even having a flying lesson planned.


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